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The Guatemala, Lake Atitlan Database Directory

The Guatemala, Lake Atitlan Database directory has information on Many of the volunteer projects, Charity programs and Cultural Events happening in the Lake area and nearby towns.


VolunTourism – combining traditional travel with volunteer work – is a rapidly growing trend. "We travel a fair amount, but it's valuable to us to really feel connected with other communities above and beyond seeing tourist sites.
By Lois Friedland,
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* volunteer travel
* adventure travel companies

Pura Vida teaches villagers to compact clean, dry plastic trash into used plastic bottles, thereby converting waste into easily-storable and transportable “plastic bricks” for construction.

Sustainable Building with Trash

Calacirya Foundation is employing new building techniques using plastic trash in construction. This serves to hide unsightly, disease-causing garbage while creating community areas for all to enjoy. In addition, focus is placed on the importance of dealing with plastic trash in a more responsible manner and the long term effects of creating non-biodegradable garbage. Our two-fold goal is to affect a significant reduction in the use of plastics and to promote trash construction.

Sources: puravidaatitlan

The Guatemala, Lake Atitlan Database directory

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All Experts: : Armand Boissy

Questions Answered By Expert Armand Boissy
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Expertise: All questions related to real estate for Guatemala particularly in the area of Lake Atitlan. Investment for retirement, rental, buildings, regulations,.... I live in Santa Cruz La Laguna, A 15 minutes boat ride from Panajachel where I work. I have 2 little daughters (5-7) who go to Life school everyday. If you need help to relocate or for a short experience at the lake area, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm an official tour guide for the Guatemalan Institute for tourism (INGUAT) and I have an extensive experience of the country.

Experience in the area
Living in the area for 18 years, a company Atitlan Solutions
founded 2 1/2 years ago, experience in building
private homes, condos, hotels etc...

Real Estate Chamber of Guatemala

Washington Post Magazine

Master in Political Sciences From France

I have a friend who has a hotel in Atitlan and offers room and board in exchange for staff work...
You might want to contact ...His name is Dave

For Renting and buying a house check my websites: and

Ask a question about Guatemala


Taking the Plunge

As every hotel brochure proclaims, English novelist Aldous Huxley dubbed the place the most beautiful lake in the world after he visited in the 1930s. That's a bit of hyperbole that fades into understatement the moment you crest the surrounding ridge and look down on a body of water that could be the gods' own bathtub. On a sunny day, the most common kind, the waters wink like a blot of turquoise ink, spreading 81 square miles among steep, green mountain slopes. The lake is 5,100 feet above sea level, where lofty altitude combines with tropical latitude to generate breezy year-round temperatures in the mid-70s.

Steve Hendrix
Washington Post Staff Writer

Steve Hendrix is the kind of guy who keeps track of his burgeoning amateur real estate empire by counting the number of toilets he owns. He's also the kind of guy who -- with his wife and another couple -- is willing to buy a vacation rental house in Guatemala on a wing and a prayer.

Hendrix, whose story about his experiences as a landlord appeared in Sunday's Washington Post Magazine, tells his tale with fascinating humor.

Some excerpts from the article:

I had initially planned to take my daughters to Guatemala the summer they were 8 and 10 to learn some Spanish and see something beyond the way we live. Life intervened and I instead spent those months packing and preparing for a house move...

In 2004, we had a chance to buy a property and push ourselves, gulp, into double-digit johnny ownership. And these came with something that was noticeably lacking in our mid-Atlantic houses: a really killer view of a volcano.

It was a little place on Lake Atitlan, a high mountain basin in western Guatemala that Ann and I ranked among the most spectacular settings we'd seen in our global wanderings. We were on vacation there with our two daughters and another Takoma Park family and, after a week, we were all thoroughly smitten. Finally -- hypnotized by the view, emboldened by the rum -- I spoke the inevitable:

"I wonder what houses go for around here."

Real estate investing was about to get seriously weird.

Buying a house is the third most emotion-fraught of all human transactions (right after falling in love and selecting a cable package). The whole process is one big Tilt-a-Whirl, from finding a place (The hunt!), to bidding on it (The battle!), to taking possession (The drapes! They have to go!). It also has to be the world's oldest investment...

Go to page 4 for his story of the purchase of a house in Lake Atitlan: here

The whole story is here: Taking the Plunge


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Dialup & Cable Internet Services

Dialup & Cable Internet Services

Internet service from Turbonett which is owned by the nationwide phone company Telgua. Packages for home or business start at $21.00/month for 128kbs up to $65.00/month for 1024kbs. Turbonett requires a 2 year contract in most cases and you must have a land line.

Cable DX (REDX) our local cable television company also offers Internet access. Cable DX currently offers two packages: 256kbs for $50.00/month with a 1 year contract. To receive more info visit: Cable TV cost Q75.00/month and includes about 8 channels in English.

There are a many companies that offer dialup service in Guatemala. A couple of them offer FREE accounts you only need to pay for the phone call. From Xela the call cost Q.35/minute which comes out to be Q21.00/hour. Here are 2 companies that offer this service:


Cell Phone Rental

Cellular Phone Services and Rentals

Cellular phones are inexpensive in Guatemala and can be purchased by anyone with a passport.

You can purchase prepaid cell phones for Q100 and most come with Q75 to Q150 of calling time. Basically the phones are FREE!!

There are 3 main companies in Guatemala that sell Cellular services. All 3 offer prepaid phone cards with their cellular service.

Telefonica/Movistar - Least expensive for national calls Q.50 to Q1.00/min and least expensive for calls to the USA Q1.50/minute. Coverage is ok in most of the main Guatemalan cities.

Tigo - Often the best deals on phones and their coverage is getting bigger all the time with coverage in many smaller villages, but not always the least expensive on phone calls.

Claro by Telgua - This company has the good coverage but they also tend to be the most expensive.

If you have specific questions about services offered in Xela please email me at


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Communication Services in Guatemala

Telephone IDD is available. Country code: 502.
Outgoing international code: 00.
International calls are slightly cheaper between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Mobile telephone GSM 860/1900 is available.
Handsets can be hired from Ruracel and
other companies.
Operators include Comcel (website:,
Sercom S.A. (website:
and Telefonica Centroamerica Guatemala (

Some hotels also supply them. Coverage is increasing in Guatemala;
consult network operator for details.

Telephone Service:

Telgua, the national phone company where you can
make international phone calls, are
open daily from 7am to midnight. Telgua tariffs
are ridiculously high, however, starting at
US$7 for a three-minute call to North America
and US$11 to Western Europe.
In many places, including Antigua, Flores, Panajachel
and Quetzaltenango, you'll be able to find
shops, hotels or travel agencies offering
much cheaper rates, from as little as US$0.30
per minute to North America and US$0.50 to
Western Europe.

More on visiting, moving or long stays in Guatemala:
From the Guatemala Fast Facts publication.

High Speed Internet and Cable in Panajachel

What's at the Lake?



My wife & I are looking aty relocating to the Lake Atitlan ares. We currently live at Lake Chapala, but it's getting too crowded & expensive here. Is high speed internet available at the lake, & if so where? What's available in the way of TV & in what areas (villages)? When we come for a look, what is the best way to approach that? I still have many other questions, but am drawing a blank for now. Thanks for your help.



Hi there,
Regarding your questions about lake Atitlan...There is high speed internet connection in Panajachel through fiber optic and cable. Now some villages have only individual satellite hook up. My company has several system installed and they are working pretty good. TV the big villages like Panajachel , san lucas, santiago, san pedro, san marcos, have cable TV company either you have to get a direct TV latin system you could also get an amercian system I have also some installed. Now if you come I can give you some address to contact about these systems. Pending your others questions.
best Armand